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Love is Invisible

Discrimination against Asians has increased in the U.S. during the pandemic. The design concept of Love is Invisible is especially based on the concept of water tolerance in Asian culture, to show that the love between people is invisible, which can eliminate discrimination and remove barriers. Love Is Invisible is a public welfare activity launched by the Super Joey Foundation in nearly 20 cities across the country. The Tsddesign team designed the T-shirts and packaging that young volunteers of different races will wear across the country from the Love is Invisible collection.

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Hometown Flavor

Yunnan is home to many ethnic minorities who have their own unique eating styles. As a representative traditional staple food in Yunnan, rice noodles can be integrated with any ingredient and cooking method to produce different tastes. Through the carrier of rice noodles, the designers have developed and designed this series of Yunnan rice noodle products by combining the costumes of ethnic minorities in Yunnan and the tastes of ethnic minorities. Through modern food preservation technology, the taste of Yunnan is promoted to the world.

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Jinlongquan beer hopes to launch a medium and high end product that can not only convey the long history of the brand, but also make consumers feel good quality; designers use rich illustrations to depict hops, ears of wheat, wooden wine barrels, beer, water sources and other elements, so that the packaging has a strong beer industry attribute; more importantly, the illustrations include the brand image symbol of Chinese dragon sculpture in the former site of Jinlongquan distillery in 1978, as well as the redesign of logo font and brand red, forming a strong brand recognition.

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Johnnie Walker Limited Edition

This is a Johnnie Walker Blue Label 2021 Mid-Autumn Festival Limited Edition gift. The Mid-Autumn Festival is an important festival for family reunion in China. The key words are home, reunion and emotion. The design inspiration comes from the door and window in traditional Chinese architecture. The outer packaging design adopts double-door opening box, when the door is opened, They can see the home directly, expressing reunion and emotion. When the lid opened, the picture of orchids blooming in the courtyard is also similar to the "Chinese Pingfeng".

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Satine Pro

Satine as a representative brand of China's high-end milk, launched China's first ultrafiltration milk in 2021, with protein content as high as 6g/100mL. We created a new picture by deconstructing and recombining the protein content number "6", which is most memorable for consumers, and natural elements such as cows and plants. "6" has become a prominent visual center, with a complete cow looming and hidden in the picture. In this way, we integrated technology, art and nature into one design.

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Granovita preaches a simple approach to making granola with the best tasting natural ingredients while keeping the essence of the brand no frills. Granovita's packaging design had to reflect honesty about the product and the ingredients. The design had to inspire consumer confidence in the product. By combining granola packaging with modern design, the designer has created an image that invites customers to rediscover breakfast. The new granola brand wants to bring change to the cereal market.

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