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Butterfly Acrobat

The tale presented by the wine label Butterfly Acrobat Amazing Edition, is the fantasy of a woman who can fly during her circus act. Mara is the mysterious butterfly acrobat, thousands of butterflies flock in a colorful torrent in the air under the stage lights, their flower shaped wings open and close to the rhythm of music, and using their delicate silk threads, they fly among the audience. The label creates a unique concept displaying great technical challenges both in design and printing requirements.

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MontGras Handcrafted

MontGras Handcrafted is an enology based project that pursues the production of distinctive wines made out of rare grape varieties harvested in 2020. Each wine is the product of a unique combination of the particular weather and land conditions of five Chilean valleys and of five different wine makers. This packaging is a creative way of following the particular personality of each wine while expressing the common ideas behind the project.

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The composition of Iguana Energy is perfectly balanced. All components perfectly complement each other, creating an energy effect. Were offered several options, more simple and concise. But the first option was conceived in the form of leather, Iguana skin. this idea just kind of popped up. The design (background in the form of scales, scratches) and the brand name are intertwined and reinforce each other. It was for even greater manifestation of identity that in the bank it was the power engineer who was asked to make scratches that give a feeling of strength, energy and cheerfulness.

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Kerloso Wine

A red wine from Chile, Kerloso comes from the Spanish "mystery of the magical colossus". In the wine label of this wine, it depicts what the navigators saw when they first landed on the island. The wrapping paper of the bottle is made of natural imitation rice paper. The questions raised by the stone statue add a sense of mystery and antiquity. The top of the wrapping paper is formed by flame burning. Each burn mark is unique and symbolizes a lost civilization.

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The Toji box was developed for the candles. In order to connect the outside of the box with the illustration inside better, arc cutting was made on the front to increase the visible area inside. The visible part is equivalent to the preview part, presenting the story to the viewer in a more hierarchical way. The frosting process was used to make the box, to make it more quality. According to different stories, the main colors are low saturation blue, pink, yellow and orange-brown, which achieve a higher effect in hand feeling and vision.

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Drunk Bartender

Boring and trivial designs for a classic series of alcoholic beverages that do not attract the consumers' attention was the inspiration to find new modern images for creating the design for classic and conservative alcoholic beverages. The creation of a series of designs for classic alcoholic cocktails in a modern style using graphic elements to make them stand out on the shelf and draw the attention and to show that the classics can also be modern by means of comical graphic illustrations. "Drunk bartender" is a brand for people who appreciate the classic in her modern way.

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