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Kaishan Chinese Spirit 18

KAISHAN 18 chinese spirit, allows the customer to drink a dream with the blue and tranquil mountain scene. The blue gradient on the shoulder would reflexing blue aura on the Crystal Mountain - Dragon Mountain of China, Tianshan. Together with the Lucid pattern on the box abstracted from Dunhuang cave painting, the wood Chinese traditional stopper as a contrast, the design shows an heavenly peace of Chinese Aesthetic.

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Nutro Ultra Packaging Rebrand

Inspired by the high-end farm-to-table ‘foodie’ world, clarkmcdowall's distinctive design echoes the visual and verbal language of premium restaurants and clean eating cookbooks. Ultra broke with traditional pet food navigation systems by using the ingredients as a piece of beautiful expression. The packaging substrate with matte and gloss printed accents provides the finishing touch marking Nutro Ultra as an outstanding product of quality.

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Brisk x Marvel Studios: Wakanda Forever

To celebrate the premiere of Marvel Studios’ Black Panther, PepsiCo launched a limited edition package that combines ultra-premium technologies with a unique and memorable product design. The team wanted to create something truly new, memorable and authentically relevant to our brand purpose while celebrating the blockbuster film. A magnetic carton with fully printed, HiLight Smart LED lights illuminates when activated to reveal Wakandan script. Mimicking the Black Panther character, the aluminum can features a tactile varnish that emphasizes graphic elements and includes a 3D printed mask.

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Imagine Snacks

IMAG!NE is all about re-thinking snack foods and re-imagining snack time. IMAG!NE carries a playful and spontaneous aesthetic reminiscent of elementary school crafting and creativity. All the visual elements were built from construction paper and scissors, including a full typeface. The lettering and layouts were all done by hand for the packaging, display cases, website and other brand materials. The branding even extends to the shipping boxes that offer opportunities for kids to let their imaginations run wild and create new worlds out of cardboard.

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7UP Global Brand Refresh

The 7UP refresh, available outside the United States, was completed to reference the brand’s history in a bold and contemporary way. The visually rich and engaging brand platform tells a unique and totally 7UP story. The brand tagline, Feels Good to be You, was brought to life in a unique and ownable way, full of confidence and swagger, in order to be more relevant to today’s consumer. Powerful product photography highlights refreshment, and quirky lifestyle shots communicate playful cleverness, along with a nod to the illustrative legacy of 7UP.

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7UP Vintage Pack 2018

The 7UP vintage cans, available outside the US, were created in collaboration with artists worldwide. The challenge was to extend the brand’s 2018 refresh and drive incremental sales, so the vintage pack program was developed to highlight 7UP’s quirky legacy. 7UP has always celebrated individuality and non-conformity in its own way. Referencing its history, the team created a visually rich and engaging platform. Each piece of artwork was inspired by the people, culture, and aesthetic of 7UP over the decades. Fido Dido is a trademark of Fido Dido Inc., used with permission. All rights reserved.

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